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Farm management


Farm Management- Because Murcielago is a large farming operation, we offer landowners the opportunity to outsource their farm management needs. Murcielago currently manages more than 6,000 acres of farmland and provides various farm services covering an additional 3,000 acres. Murcielago provides dedicated employees and equipment when you need them and without the complexity associated with payrolls, insurance and equipment maintenance.  Murcielago offers turn key solutions to large landowners not wishing to engage in actual farm operation.  Fully insured, financially strong and well equipped Murcielago offers large landowners comfort and protection.

Property Rental- Murcielago is always pursuing farmland to rent for cattle and crops.  Murcielago currently rents several thousand acres of farmland pursuant to a variety of flexible rental arrangements.

Property Enhancement Services-  Murcielago offers large landowners a resource for enhancing the value of their holdings:
         Timber Management
Land Use Taxation
Land Use Development
Property Sales/ Purchasing/ Valuation
Financing Solutions/ Lending/ Investment/ Partnerships
Government Programs/ Subsidies
Cattle Management 
•           Crop and Pasture Management
Water Management
Property Management/ Rental/ Events